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Queen and King


A ceremony for couples inspired by Epic Love Story of Rama Sita, King and Queen of Ayodhya in The Hindu Pantheon of God. The Exotic of Rice Extract inspired by Dewi Sri, the Goddess of rice and Essential oil functioned as natural aphrodisiac with Rose, Sandalwood, Jasmine and Cananga Oil to relieves nervous tension and renew the spirits. It is an ancient recipe of love and believed to be amorously stimulating, start with foot ritual, Hydro couple session, herbal sauna mix with sensual scrub self application, massage, mask and herbal bath. This package also include a delicious Balinese Snack and traditional Cang Tea that will make an sweet unforgettable moment as a King and Queen of Ayodhya at God’s Island.

Morning Session : Welcoming Ritual as A King and Queen Foot Ritual with a thousand and one flower water, Hydro Therapy Couple Session with Coach, Fruit and Cang Tea refreshment.

Afternoon Session : Organic Lunch, fresh fruit and Balinese snack refreshment, Sensual scrub (self application) with Herbal steam, Traditional Balinese massage with Sensual oil, Boreh mask, Floral Herbal Bath.