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Batimung The Ancient Borneo Detoxifying ritual


Proudly we present the ancient and traditional treatment from Borneo Island that now known as “Kalimantan Island”. Our research of Indonesian Spices such as temu giring (curcuma heyneana), lime leaves, kenanga (cananga), melati (jasmine), pandan (fragrant palm) and akar wangi (vetiver) give you a new experience with all the goodness of the herbal. The special benefit of this treatment is detoxifying toxin from your body with special blend of “Herbal Steam”, make you fresh, relax, and extremely health.

Morning Session :
Prognos Vitality Diagnosis, Hydro Therapy, Fruit and Ginger Tea Refreshment

Afternoon Session :
Organic lunch, Barandam Batis / Foot ritual, Cengkaruk/ Body Scrub with ‘Black Glutinuous Rice, Ba’urut / Traditional Borneo Massage, Bakasai / Body perfume, Batimung / Herbal Steam, Barandam Awak / Herbal Bath, Body Mask, Chakra Balancing, Prognos Diagnosis.