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Signature Package


Water Palace Sanctuary

A cleansing, skin softening, hydrating and relaxing spa experience ends with special relaxation time and refreshment, very suitable for refresh all over your mind, body and soul.

Foot ritual, camphor-lemon scrub, signature traditional massage, aromatherapy flower and milk bath

Ocean Serenity Dream
Being the world’s largest archipelago, Indonesia possesses a vast multitude of marine population. Inspired by the crystal blue of Indonesian seas, this spa journey start with reviving foot ritual, scrub, and massage with “Ocean Serenity” butter followed with cool reviving body mask that moisturizes and scents your skin with its cooling, invigorating sensation, and closed with reviving bath salt. Complete this memorable journey with a healthy and refreshing organic lunch.

Hydro therapy, reviving foot ritual, peppermint lime body scrub, “Ocean Serenity “ butter massage, reviving body mask, reviving bath salt, chi water, fruit and herbal refreshment, organic lunch.