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Body Work

Chinese Empress Silk Art Movement

Inspired by the shimmering appearance of a smooth silk dances on the skin and a choice of our butter will complete your experience with us. Sensuous, fresh and energize your body, mind and soul.

Meridian Balancing Therapy

The human body has a bio energy circulation system similar to the blood circulation system. This bio energy flows along 12 main meridians, or channels forming a human electrical channel, imbalances in these energy flows lead to pain or weakness in the surrounding muscles even various disease. This therapy stimulates meridian points with Chinese Tuina massage to normalize these impaired conditions. This therapy is using Prognos Vitality Diagnosis to determine your body energy and followed by a foot ritual and massage treatment.

Rainfall Therapy

Can u imagine your spa experience in a room of colorful rainbow light with a calming instrumental music? Enjoy your foot ritual and followed with warm Vichy shower and ended with Candle Massage that completely remove your tired away.

Bayu Pitu with Prognos Vitality Diagnosis

This balancing ritual begins with the Prognos Vitality Diagnosis followed with a foot Spa ritual and get relax with Aromassage Relaxing oil for back massage. Seven chakra disks are placed on the body from Kundalini base to Crown Chakra. Chi water as refreshment will end your session.

Tibetan Singing Bowl

An ancient sound and vibrational healing therapy from Tibet uses 3 different bowl working harmoniously to balance the chakras, and strengthen the immune system, also helps to regenerate new cells in human’s body. Aromatic back massage will complete this session to relax and refresh your body.

Kerala Shirodara

Shirodara is an Ayurveda Head Massage technique, which involves the slow dripping of the steam of warm oil onto the forehead (third eye). Open your chakras and renew your spirit. Oils used in the treatment are chosen based on your dosha body type. This treatment is calming on the central nervous system and excellent for insomnia.

Abhyanga Massage

Abhyanga is an ancient practice well known in India. It is part of Ayurveda treatment aiming to balance the three Doshas in our body : Pitta, Kapha, and Vata, using warm oil for massage. This massage will help relieve stress and create a feeling of well being and also increase blood and lymphatic circulation, encouraging a deep level of relaxation and as an extra benefit is very good for removing toxins from your body.