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Facial Care

Aromatic Facial
Aromatic Acne Facial : Acne skin care that halp to cleanse and refresh the skin, and helps control the production of sebum glands thus preventing acne.

Aromatic Anti Wrinkle Facial :
Gentle formula with essential oil that is effective to  fade  blemishes  and spots.

Organic Herbal Facial

Masculine Lemongrass Facial
Lemongrass aroma can help reduce depression and benefits, among others, reduces facial acne scars, pores of the skin, stimulates new skin cells and keep skin taut

Bio Botulike Diminishing Facial

Skin care for wrinkles problem using a range of Botulike cosmetic products are very effective appearance of fine lines and wrinkles so skin becomes disguise looks younger and firmer.

Face Acupressure

Helps tighten the skin and muscles, prevent eye bags, making face more fresh

Neck Treatment

Recommended to take with any facial selections to enhance the result of youthful look.

Eye Collagen Mask
Using collagen eye mask helps maintain the eye skin’s area youthfulness and fights the signs of aging.

Collagen Hydro Mask
Apply the mask at least two times per week to improve your skin’s texture and firmness as well as reduce the size of pores, fine lines, and wrinkles.