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The Authentic Indonesian Spa Treatment

Inspired by ancient wisdom and the tradition of bathing and beauty care throughout the lifecycle, combined with the new age trend of back to nature, Beauty and Harmony Lifestyle Spa has been created. Beauty is a reflection of both inner and outer beauty. Through this total beauty philosophy called Rupasampat Wahyabiantara, we can explore the ancient wisdom of beauty care throughout the lifecycle of a human.

Kendedes Princess Ritual

The traditional Javanese ritual consist of lulur, massage, herbal bath, and moisturizer, face acupressure and sensual smoking. Help to increase circulation, stimulates, soften and lightens skin, encourages new skin vitality, relaxed tire and aching muscles, reduce vaginal discharge and leaves everything freshly scented.

Trikaya Parisuda

Coconut is the fruit that famous for its benefit, very suitable for your dry skin and moisturizes your skin perfectly. Combine with traditional Balinese massage that is a signature technique start from the right part of body then continuing to the left which each of movement relates to nature animal move Use the best extract of coconut into our product, and get your skin so smooth and moisture after the treatment.

Dewi Sri Body Bliss

In Balinese ritual designed to overhaul the entire body. Gently get lost cleanse away dead skin buildup, relaxes and de-toxin with scrub, massage, mask and herbal bath. A perfect mix ingredient nourish both the inner and outer body. Leaves skin soft, silky and fresh. Carefully formulated with nourishing rice extract to care for the body and perfumed with exotic scents

Panca Mahabhuta

A combination between Balinese massages and Boreh wrapped. Boreh is a mix of Balinese Spices that consist of as ginger, lemongrass, rice powder that warms up your body, relieves muscle tension, and it works as prevention from cold.

Ginger Gold Body Wellness

Treatment that use ginger as one of traditional herb will stimulate blood circulation and generally refresh your body, mind and soul with warm sensation through your body, complete with gold mask as ending of your golden journey.

Tropical Fruit Experiences

Journey of Peach Delima

Exotics of peach and Delima (Punica Granatum) represent eternity, lavish and fertility. Both are rich with Vitamin C, Vitamin A and polyphenol as antioxidant and promote a fresh, smooth, healthy-looking complexion. A complete line of invigorating and exciting body treatment to match every personality.

Cucumber Sunburn Healing

Cucumber works well as a cooling and revitalizing agent, and is especially effective for sun-damaged skin. The mixture of cucumber and melon will deliver the cooling effect on tender skin and you can feel the heat around your body being drawn out, leaving the skin cool, soft and moist.

Mangosteen Spa Delight

Body treatment use purple and enchanting fruit enriched with mangos teen, xanthenes and beta carotene as anti oxidant which prevent aging skin while vitamin C stimulate new skin cell growth which promotes beautiful luminescent skin. Innovative product from Martha Tilaar is Martha Tilaar Bath milk Massage Oil, massage oil that can turn into bath milk for bathing